Some thoughts on what Trump said about abortion

Trump: Punish women for illegal abortions

I don’t know if you heard this yesterday, but Donald Trump said in an interview that women who had illegal abortions should be punished. Much uproar ensued.

If you really and truly do believe life begins at conception, and that abortion is a murder, just how do you rationalize a two-track legal system?

I’ve been saying to anti-abortion types for years: If you’re considered a murderer for hiring someone to kill your spouse, how can you not be charged with murder for hiring someone to give you an abortion?

And from that, I pivot into a discussion of “Is that what you want? You want your wives, daughters, sisters, friends and neighbors charged with murder?”

Occasionally someone says yes, but most people see the idiocy once you point it out to them. The most common response is, “I never thought of it that way.”

It kind of irks me that wingnuts get to have it both ways — abortion is murder, but the pregnant woman is a victim. That way, they get to solve two political problems at once. never facing up to the legal consequences of their position.

3 thoughts on “Some thoughts on what Trump said about abortion

  1. Sometimes I wonder about trump. What he said makes perfect sense if you believe abortion is murder. I wish more conservatives would state that and clarify the debate. I think most would be ok with murder charges against the mother, but they are smart enough to know not to say it. It’s like trump is trolling both sides. Maybe that turncoat was right that he doesn’t really want to be prez. Mebbe he has changed his goal from 2nd pace in the primaries to 2nd place in November

  2. So the GOP is now for charging Johns and absolving prostitutes? Why do I doubt that proposition. (Yeah, intended)

  3. @Guest: Agreed. Trump is saying plainly what many people believe but are afraid to say because of the PC police people like Susie.

    Apparently susie is too busy with her exotic life to look at her comment fields so it doesn’t really matter anything I say here, but it is clear that Susie is a paid operative of Hillary Clinton. How else could you possibly explain the nonsense she spouts and the nonsense she posts from others?

    It is insane to think that this defective woman could be elected. She has multiple, varied problems, all of which can easily, assetively and effectively be attacked, each of them rendering her to the dustbin of history.

    If, by some miracle, she somehow attains stature in the election? You’d best be praying and hoping she’s got a good VP. Hillary is dommed.


    Why? Oh, God why? Oh Lord why? Why would the Democratic Party want to kill itself off, solely because “we” need to nominate a woman? Apparently, susie is one of those nutbags who want to destroy everything she has fought for in her entire life, because Hillary has a vagina.

    It is fascinating to watch. It is an extraordinary train wreck.

    Truly amazing.

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