Sanders’ campaign manager says Bernie will win at the convention

Bernie Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver dropped in on CNN’s New Day and explained to Chris Cuomo that Bernie will win the nomination in an open concention. Host Chris Cuomo said that Sanders faces a tough task of winning every three out of four delegates that remain and he asked if Weaver accepted the math. Weaver…

4 thoughts on “Sanders’ campaign manager says Bernie will win at the convention

  1. So the superdelegates will decide against the Dem front runner, first woman ever to have a shot at POTUS, who is millions of votes ahead and decide for the non-Democrat who hasn’t raised one nickel for the party or for down-ticket candidates (many of whom are superdelegates)? Sure.

    At this point Weaver and Devine are running a scam and filching millions from small donors. Shame.

  2. Discounting the “superdelegates”* Sanders and Clinton are within the margins of error of each other, with less than half the country having primaries/caucused.

    We shall see what we shall see, shan’t we.

    *Republicans can only win by cheating, Republicans Lite can only win by sort of cheating. Define ” Republic” and you’ve defined “superdelegates”.

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