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subie wreck

Yesterday, I got a letter from an insurance company telling me someone filed a claim against me for the car accident I was in back in October. I was pretty angry when I talked to their claims department — I said it was a three-car accident, a hit-and-run according to witnesses, and that neither I nor their insured driver could remember what happened. I said if he claimed he was northbound while I was southbound, odds are, he hit me.

I also said I had pictures of both sides of my car — the driver side pushed in from the original impact, the right front passenger side crushed from spinning out and hitting the bridge. If I hit his claimant, I said to the claims person, why are there no other impacts on my car?

I still don’t remember exactly what happens; I think I had a slight concussion. But this guy didn’t remember anything, either. Now I’m wondering if he hit me in the first place.

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  1. Huh? If you’d hit him first, there would’ve been damage to the front of your car presumably. You can’t see most of the front in the pic, but what there is looks like even a fly never landed on it.

    In any case, it’s not that hard to figure out impact forces and trajectories from the damage.

    Insurance companies are so useless. What a horrible thing to have piled on top of life in general!

  2. Yes, but the insurance adjuster said he “couldn’t make sense” of it. Even though their letter said a “thorough investigation” showed me to be at fault.

  3. Susie, insist they send you all the information that have for your lawyer’s review. They should keep them busy for a bit. Plus you’ll have the info that they want to accuse you with. It sounds like they really don’t have any info, nonetheless, they want what money they can get from you.

    I had a fender bender last year, and they tried to dog me. I kept telling them to contact my insurance co. When they demanded info, I told them to contact their client or my insurance co. They wanted me to get the police report; I told them to get it themselves. They finally left me alone.

    Good luck.

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