Virtual reality and the solitary experience

Death Row

On Wednesday morning, Robert De Niro attended a virtual reality Storyscapes event held at the headquarters of the Tribeca Film Festival, which he co-founded. At one of the booths was a former prison inmate who spent three years in solitary confinement. As the Oscar winner walked by, the former inmate grabbed him and asked him to…

4 thoughts on “Virtual reality and the solitary experience

  1. Nine minutes is better than none, but I would think the biggest worst factors in solitary are that it’s much longer than that and that you have no control over how long it will be. Those things could be part of the experience, but you’ll notice they aren’t.

    Still, gotta start somewhere.

  2. Agreed. Nothing like knowing you can rip the headset off at anytime to drain the . . . angst. I’d think several days with no idea of when it would end would really sell the experience.

  3. Doesn’t our Constitution outlaw cruel and unusual punishment?
    Solitary confinement is surely cruel and unusual punishment.

  4. What Imho said.

    I wonder if solitary existed at the time of the constitiution.
    Maybe for important people such as some of Henry VIII’s wives.

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