A helping hand for Bernie Sanders in New York

Bernie Sanders at the #ProspectPark get out the vote rally yesterday. The crowd was estimated to be 28,000. @berniesanders #politics #brooklyn #feelthebern

Tuesday’s New York primary is a crucial moment for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders. The left-wing insurgent candidate has won seven of the last eight state contests, but he still has yet to erase Hillary Clinton’s delegate lead. Recent polls show Clinton with a double-digit advantage in New York, suggesting that the remarkable Sanders winning…

4 thoughts on “A helping hand for Bernie Sanders in New York

  1. The Democratic Social Club wants the “left-wing insurgent candidate” Bernie Sanders to suspend his campaign.
    The Club claims that Bernie can’t win, he’s not a real Democrat, he’s hurting Hillary’s chances in November, he won’t raise corporate money for others, etc. and so he should stop campaigning.
    The Democrats are split 50/50.
    Between the young and the old.
    Progressives and neo-liberals.
    The entrenched establishment versus the under-paid, the under-employed, and the indebted.
    Can this schism be closed?
    Not until the corporatist Clintonite wing of the Democratic Social Club has been dislodged.
    Bernie’s campaign will continue.

  2. I don’t understand. If you’re a card-carrying member of WFP, you can’t vote in the Democratic Primary in NY.

  3. “I belong to no organized political party. I am a Democrat.”
    Will Rogers, G-d rest his soul.
    One of the many reasons I voted for Hillary today in the New York primary is that Hillary and I are Democrats and Bernie Sanders is not. After years as one of Vermont’s two senators (Vermont gets the same number of senators as New York, despite its paucity of population-a fundamental unfairness Bernie took advantage of rather than combat), he decides to piggy-back his “message” on the Democratic party’s apparatus-the party he was too “pure” ever to join.
    When Hillary wins the nomination, as I hope she will, I think she should make it a priority to close the loophole that apparently let this “independent” make a run for the Democratic nomination.
    Jesus X. Christ, it is not rocket science. If you want to to be the nominee of the Democratic Party, you must first register as a Democrat.

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