Grayson gives impassioned speech on race relations

Rep Alan Grayson PDA Round Table

Florida Congressman Alan Grayson gave a passionate speech regarding the “wretched state of race relations in America today” where he used two anectodal stories to show how differently two stories ended based on the color of the teenagers skin. The first story involves two white teenagers who are actually breaking the law and how they areā€¦

One thought on “Grayson gives impassioned speech on race relations

  1. Grayson is being flayed in the corporate press in Florida.
    That began shortly after Obama, Biden and Wasserman-Schultz all came out in support of his opponent, conservative Democrat Murphy.
    Once entrenched establishment politicians decide that you ain’t their kind of people, they will screw you over but good.
    It’s happening to Grayson and to a much greater degree to Bernie.

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