I was really pissed off to read that Rita Coolidge wrote the song that turned out to be the piano part of Layla, apparently with her then-boyfriend, Dominos drummer Jim Gordon (a schizophrenic who used to beat her up and later killed his own mother with a hammer). She gave a demo to Clapton, and a year later it turned up on the album, credited to “E. Clapton & J. Gordon.” When Coolidge called Clapton’s manager to complain, he yelled at her that she was “just a girl singer” and “What are you going to do about it?” I would have sued those motherfuckers:

4 thoughts on “Layla

  1. Rita Coolidge is “just a girl singer?” Oh, hell no! I imagine there’s a statute of limitations or something that prevents action now?

  2. I often watch The Last Waltz, only because one of my favorite things in life is watching the look on their faces as both realize that Robbie Robertson has just outplayed Clapton. I can’t think of anyone who has had quite as successful a career of riding others’ coattails to stardom as Eric Clapton.

  3. Wow that’s disappointing. So Clapton was aware I take it.

    I have a copy of The Last Waltz and I’ve always taken that scene where Robertson has to jump in for Clapton as a result of Clapton breaking his guitar strap. You can see it happen in the film. It was indeed pure professionalism for Robertson to jump in like he did – it’s barely noticeable.

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