Trump spox: The average woman doesn’t use her brain

In the latest installment of “Trump’s minions saying stupid stuff” we bring you Tana Goertz, a senior adviser to Donald Trump. After last night, when Trump pulls the “woman card” on Hillary Clinton, Tana goes all in on why Clinton is winning the woman vote. Does she attribute it to her decades of public service? Her…

2 thoughts on “Trump spox: The average woman doesn’t use her brain

  1. Donald Trump knows next to nothing about anything.
    So why should it surprise anyone that his supporters know even less?
    It’s a darn good thing that Hillary will be running against the circus clown Trump, if she gets the Democratic nomination, because she may be the worst candidate that the Party has ever produced to head its ticket.

  2. Wow. Hillary may be playing the ‘woman’ card (which card is that again?), but Trump and his spokespersons consistently play the ‘stupid shit’ card.

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