Clinton promises help for coal miners in Eastern Kentucky


ASHLAND, Ky. — Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton promised help Monday for an area of Kentucky hit hard by job losses in the coal and steel industries. On the first day of a two-day visit to Appalachia dubbed her “Breaking Down Barriers” tour, Clinton touted her $30 billion plan to help coal workers and pledged to…

2 thoughts on “Clinton promises help for coal miners in Eastern Kentucky

  1. “A carbon tax was not part of her plan.” That position makes no sense except to the energy companies.
    Hillary gave up her campaign in June 2008 because she knew that using super-delegates to deny Obama the nomination would enrage black voters.
    She also knew that without the black vote she would lose to McCain in the general election.
    For throwing her support behind Obama the oligarchs granted Hillary 2 wishes.
    Wish #1: The job as Secretary of State. As an interventionist hawk Hillary could directly impact our foreign policy. Which she did and what a mess she made.
    Wish #2: The Democratic nomination in 2016. On the day she announced her run for president, every super-delegate and every black leader lined up behind her.

  2. Maybe I’m reading it wrong, but all I’m seeing is a plan to return to an expanding pollution based economy.

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