How Donald Trump crushed the GOP


It’s been 11 months since the escalator ride that changed the world. When Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the presidency it was derided, laughed at. Newsweek took it more seriously, but not everyone did. Even after Trump quickly vaulted ahead in public opinion polls, he was mocked, ridiculed, dismissed. Commentators said he’d never actually file…

One thought on “How Donald Trump crushed the GOP

  1. Foreign policy hasn’t been discussed much so far in this presidential campaign except in rather oblique terms.
    One of Hillary’s greatest weaknesses, a weakness that Trump will fully exploit, is her view on foreign policy.
    As an interventionist hawk (warmonger) Hillary strongly believes that by using military force the world can be changed to reflect her ideological vision. (She voted “Yes” to invade Iraq.)
    Capitalist businessman Trump believes in the primacy of the principle of Return on Investment.
    So far the U.S. has spent several trillion–trillion–dollars trying to “fix” the Middle East and Hillary has cheered that effort on.
    Trump and anyone else with any common sense thinks that we have wasted our time, our money, and the lives of far too many Americans for zero ROI.
    Hillary faces trouble from Trump on this issue that Bernie does not.

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