4 thoughts on “Uh oh

  1. He’s in real trouble in part because the DNC is actively supporting his “moderate” opponent (Patrick Murphy) in the Dem primary, including funding and endorsements from Dem party bigshots like Obama and Biden. Grayson had the temerity to endorse Bernie after a poll of his supporters showed they favored Sanders almost 10-1 over Clinton.

    Murphy endorsed Clinton before she announced her candidacy. That’s a good boy, Pat.

  2. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the rest of the Clintonite establishment team would like us to believe that Grayson is in trouble, but the polls don’t bear that out.
    80% of Florida voters support the pot amendment on the ballot in November. (87% of Democrats and 71% of Republicans.)
    Recent polls have shown that the Grayson/Murphy senate race is a tossup.
    The polls also show that Grayson beats all of the Republicans running for the open senate seat by larger margins then Murphy does.
    The primary is in August.

  3. He’s in trouble because he was running an offshore hedge fund. No one had to attack Grayson, he did it to himself.

  4. “I know he’s not a pig fucker, I just want to make him deny it.” Lyndon Johnson.

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