Trey Gowdy Finally Admits The Truth About Benghazi

Trey Gowdy's Former Top Lawyer Undercuts The Benghazi Committee

In an interview with Bill Hemmer on Fox ‘News’, Trey Gowdy finally admitted the truth about Benghazi and his bogus committee. This comes on the heels of the Kangaroo Court’s Benghazi Committee’s lead investigator quitting and admitting that everything that could be done, was done. One of the primary conspiracy theories swirling around the Benghazi Inquisition…

4 thoughts on “Trey Gowdy Finally Admits The Truth About Benghazi

  1. I had high hopes for this investigation in the beginning.
    But it soon became obvious that the Republicans were going to use it simply for political gain by unjustly hanging four dead Americans on Hillary.
    The Republicans had no interest in investigating any of the important issues, they just wanted to smear Clinton.
    Issue like:
    1. What the CIA has been doing in Libya over the years?
    2. How much involvement the CIA had in starting the Libyan civil war?
    3. Which head of the State Department pushed for regime change in Libya?
    4. How were the rebels armed and where did they get their guns and money?
    There are lots of important questions that could have been answered.
    But because the Republicans have always known that Hillary would be the Democratic nominee in 2016, they decided to play political games instead.

  2. My guess is it won’t matter. They’ll simply say she didn’t know that, and even if she did, she should have TRIED. And that her failure to do so indicates a lack of decisive leadership abilities, or patriotism, or humanity, or something really, really bad.

    Never count on the GOP to give up simply because they’ve been proven to be lying, or wrong about everything, or both. They just find a new focus, a new angle and a new set of lies, and forge onward like it’s all they know how to do.

    They’ve gone so long without actually forwarding anything to the American people which is anything but a bomb designed to destroy some aspect of popular governance, I think they really don’t know anymore how to do it – to accomodate the other side of the political spectrum. They don’t even want or try to, they simply want to eradicate it.

    When do we stop dinking around and point out unequivocally that this is counter to their oaths and the laws of the United States which they themselves passed, and which contain no exceptions for elected officials that I’ve seen?

    And that if our Justice Department will not enforce the laws, that duly appointed authorities of some other agency or jurisdiction will have to step in and see that the law is upheld?

    I’m ok with a certain amount of “leveraging” of votes in Congress, if that’s what it takes to get something useful passed, but using the economy as leverage, in essence holding the whole nation hostage to their demands, was beyond the pale. And refusing to consider a court appointment until they can benefit from it, citing a “rule” that wasn’t even a rule until they made it one. Just made it up on the spot, but based it on a comment by a Democrat, so they could claim it a bipartisan rule and foist some of the blame for their invoking it off on the Dems’ doing so first. Which never happened, of course, but like I said, don’t count on the GOP to give up trying, or be truthful about it.

  3. Rethugs “just find a new focus, a new angle and a new set of lies, and forge onward” True that, evil is never defeated.

  4. The only questions I care about concerning Libya are WHY did we do what we did there? There was no plan to “massacre” Libyans (and outside jihadi types) in Benghazi, but it did serve the similar role of Bush Boy’s claim of WMD in Iraq. Thanks a lot, Hillary! NOT. Another unethical, if not actually, illegal war. This time on Obama and Hillary’s say so.

    And what will it mean for a Hillary Clinton presidency if she is so eager to invade and throw other nations in chaos and despair?

    I was a big Hillary supporter in 2007 and -08; I was disappointed when she took a cabinet seat in the Obama administration. I had actually thought she was more progressive than Obama…. Alas.

    I watched her work in the State Dept fairly carefully and then with dismay, beginning with her blessing a military coup in Honduras when Pres. Zelaya was hustled out of the country in his pajamas. Leaked State emails indicated the US people on the ground viewed this as a military coup and saw nothing in Honduran law which would make the ouster legal. But…the US State Dept. through Hillary said it was legal, ergo, it was…”legal.”

    Hillary is a Corporatist Democrat and due to that i don’t know what I will do in November.

    I do keep asking myself why I didn’t recognize her Corporatism back when she first ran….

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