With ‘Racketeering Charges’ Rumor, Bernie-Or-Busters Uncritically Repeat Right Wing Lie

On Sunday, the Huffington Post reported “Hillary Clinton to be Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges.” Oh my God, you guys, stop the presses! This time Hillary Clinton is definitely going to pris… Hey, where did it go? Oh my God, you guys, the Huffington Post article disappeared! Stop the presses! It’s a conspiracy! I’m paraphrasing, but…

2 thoughts on “With ‘Racketeering Charges’ Rumor, Bernie-Or-Busters Uncritically Repeat Right Wing Lie

  1. Thanks, Susie for shining a light in the darkness that is this election season. Can’t wait for it to be over so we can just have whichever president we are destined to have and whose presidency won’t be much different from the one the other candidates would have presided over. Under the present occupant of the White House, we are already building a wall on the border with Mexico. We are already detaining millions. We are already deporting millions. We are already involved in many wars. We are already destroying public education. We are already shoveling money out of the Treasury into the hands of billionaires faster than a speeding bullet. We are already destroying the soil, air and water of our land. None of the candidates can or will change much of this, and if they do, it probably won’t be for the better. So all of the fighting seems for naught. And the misogyny reeks.

  2. The misogyny does indeed reek.
    More blatant misogyny from another location-
    The mom in the gorilla dragging the kid story is being attacked from all sides. It’s all her fault! Why wasn’t she watching her kid?
    What about the kid’s father? Why wasn’t HE watching the kid? If his alibi is that he was at work to feed his family (uh, on the weekend? really?) OK, I’ll accept that.
    But nobody’s even asking the goddamn question!

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