2 thoughts on “48 years ago today

  1. I remember the day like today . . . and not just because of the assassination. I was 17, on a vacation road trip with my parents to visit relatives in Houston. We’d driven all freakin’ day to get there and everyone was beat and turned in early. Sometime during the night, a woman I couldn’t recognize stood silhouetted in the doorway of the bedroom I was sleeping in. She repeated, “They killed him. They killed him.” The next morning I asked everyone what time they heard about Kennedy’s killing the night before. They all said they’d only heard about it on the morning news (remember, before 24-hour TV let alone cable news . . . way before). When I told them the story of the woman, they all shined me on, saying I must have been dreaming. I really don’t believe in spirit shit, but this one event has kept me in the undecided column all my life.

  2. My nana appeared to me the night she died. Death apparitions are the single most reported form of phenomena.

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