Liveblogging Some Lady Named Hillary Making Speech About How She ‘Won’ Or Something

Hillary selfie

MAKIN’ HISTORY. OK, liberal US Americans, it is time for us to throw aside our DIFFERENCES, and just maybe experience a moment of togetherness and fellowship, because Hillary Clinton, who is a lady, is making a speech right now about how she has reached the necessary delegates to receive the Democratic (lady) nomination for (lady) president…

5 thoughts on “Liveblogging Some Lady Named Hillary Making Speech About How She ‘Won’ Or Something

  1. I would be a lot more enthusiastic if this weren’t such a routine victory for special interest donors over my small dollars.

  2. Look: Your guy spent almost TWICE AS MUCH MONEY as she did, and lost. This is not a routine victory, not even a little. But you’re upset right now, I get it.

  3. “Routine” victory. Right. I noticed that too. There’ve been like 100 other smartest-person-in-the-room women running for Prez who were just handed the nomination (especially that one in 1920 who was surprised while gardening and still had a trowel in her hand). So boring. Not like for instance some guy who gives speeches. We haven’t had one of those in, like, ever. And now we’ve missed our chance.

    (Look, I’m sorry, Lless. I know what you mean. You want a whole better world. So do I, actually. The thing is, Hillary will get us some tiny little inch closer to that. It looks like nothing, but nobody else will do even that much. I mean, Sanders has done what? He didn’t even know *how* he wanted to break up the banks when he was asked! So, anyway. Look at her goddamn record and not the lies you’ve been hearing all your life. If we can also get her a non-Repub Congress, she’ll hit the ground running. She’s worked for people’s rights and social programs her whole life.)

  4. I cried last night a lot and it felt wonderful I can understand now how people felt when Obama won. Visibility is extremely important. I’m just over the moon!

  5. You had to ignore her non-coordinate PAC expenditures to get to that little whopper, Susie, but you’ve been drinking champagne, I get it.

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