Scarborough Screams At GOP To Distract From His Own Past

Secretary Kerry Chats With 'Morning Joe' Co-Hosts Scarborough, Brzezinski Before Appearing on MSNBC Program in New York

The Trump ‘campaign’ (if you could call it that) had a tough week, and it appears to have emboldened the otherwise deferential cowards at the MoJo table, especially Joe and Mika, who were quite feisty this morning. Joe and Mika weren’t exactly secret lovers with Donald Trump. They were going steady for quite some time. Remember…

One thought on “Scarborough Screams At GOP To Distract From His Own Past

  1. What an amazing level of cognitive dissonance among Rethugs. The psychological imperative of the hive mind to support another Rethug, no matter how destructive of the Party. It’s like the denouement of a TV scifi plot. Conflicting instructions to the Borg mind, self-preservation means always supporting the bastard, but supporting the bastard results in self-destruction. No more accurate illustration of the mutant conservative mind.

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