Warren looks at VP

Senators raise concerns about advisor oversight

I think she could have a real impact, but she has a lot of power in the Senate so of course she’s the one who has to decide:

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren has considered the idea of serving as Hillary Clinton’s running mate but sees obstacles to that choice as she prepares to endorse the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, several people familiar with Warren’s thinking told Reuters.

While her thinking could evolve, Warren has concerns about joining a Clinton ticket, including the question of whether running two women would give the Democrats the best shot at defeating Republican Donald Trump, one source said.

Advisers to Warren, a fiery critic of Wall Street and a popular figure among progressive Democrats, have been in close contact with Clinton’s campaign team and the conversations have increased in frequency in recent weeks, the sources said. Warren has signaled to people close to her that she is intrigued by the possibility of being Clinton’s No. 2 but has not discussed the role with Clinton, 68, or anyone else from her campaign, the people said.

Warren, 66, has been one of the Democrats’ most outspoken critics of Trump, 69, and her priority is helping to defeat the presumptive Republican nominee in the Nov. 8 presidential election, the sources said.

Warren is also committed to advancing her own political agenda, which they described as “more progressive” than Clinton’s more centrist positions. Warren fears that as vice president, or in a cabinet position, her voice could be less heard than it is in the U.S. Senate on her priority issues such as addressing income inequality, the sources said.

5 thoughts on “Warren looks at VP

  1. I think she will be offered the position. She is the obvious choice and her seat is not in total jeopardy as MA has special elections for those types of vacancies.

    As V.P. she would also be perfectly positioned to run for the top spot in 8 years.

    And I don’t think any man on the ticket could attract as many young voters as she could. She would be an asset for sure.

  2. Yeah that ‘safe’ MA seat worked out so well when Kennedy handed in his lunch pail. Given the ineptitude and cronyism of the mainstream Dems any seat can be lost in a heart beat. That said, Warren would be a terrific anything, but trading in real power for the non-job of VP would be a real shame. I don’t really see an up side.

  3. Why does she have to give up her senate seat to be vp? Vp is prez of the senate. Why can’t a senator be president of the senate, and then override schemer or Reid?
    Why does she have to wait eight years to run for president? I’m sure Clinton could be vulnerable to a primary challenge from the left. She’ll be too old in eight years. I hate that kind of assumption that we are stuck with our neoliberal overlords and over ladies no matter what.
    Let’s hope trump decides he really doesn’t want the job and throws the convention to Pocahontas as a fuck you gesture to the nevertumps. Virtually unimaginable, but who could have imagined president trump two years ago. She was an R until relatively late in life, and she’s the kind of republican I could happily vote for ( not like those Clinton and Obama wolves in sheeps clothing). At least it’s a nice fantasy, and we might as well enjoy those before it all goes pear shaped in the near future

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