Reports: Orlando Shooter Visited Nightclub; Used Gay Dating App


Well, this is an interesting twist that makes the whole “terrorism” explanation a little less plausible and a hate crime explanation just a bit more solid. Omar Mateen, the shooter, apparently frequented the Pulse nightclub several times ahead of the shooting. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Mateen had visited Pulse at least a dozen times, a…

2 thoughts on “Reports: Orlando Shooter Visited Nightclub; Used Gay Dating App

  1. It’s also being speculated that he suffered from internalized homophobia – that is, he had gay tendencies he obviously couldn’t deal with.

  2. Strange that the Indiana guy arrested the same day in Santa Monica was gay too. I’d say this points MORE towards radical islam than homophobia. From the accounts of his interactions at pulse over the last three years , it sounds like he was offended by Americans and gay Americans attitudes towards Islam and Muslim countries. Maybe he chose pulse over Disneyland because it was more of a personal vendetta based on offenses he perceived there. But you can’t quantify which was the main thing with someone so screwed up in so many ways. I would blame an abusive family first before singling out their religious culture. There are plenty of home grown xtian abusive parents who who have raise lots of mass gun killers and serial murderers.

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