We are so very shocked that Chris Christie’s phone is missing

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie appears at first 2016 Iowa Caucus Event

Well, I’ve been telling you for a long time he was a crook. Just thankful he’s not going to get anywhere near the White House unless it’s on a tour:

Gov. Chris Christie’s cell phone, text messages and emails are missing or have been destroyed, Bridgegate defendants allege in a pair of explosive briefs filed late Monday in federal court in New Jersey. They say Christie’s taxpayer-funded lawyers are hiding information about his knowledge of the politically-motivated 2013 lane closures at the George Washington Bridge.

“President Nixon’s tapes were not immune from a subpoena,” wrote Michael Baldassare, the attorney for defendant Bill Baroni, in his brief. “Neither is Governor Christie’s phone.”

The defense lawyers appear set for the long haul, as Judge Susan Wigenton on Tuesday rejected their motion to dismiss the case, affirming prosecutors have the basis to move forward on their seven-count indictment.

The briefs demanding new records come as Christie is emerging as one of the closest advisers to presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, and a frequently-mentioned possible candidate for vice president.

Go read the rest, it’s even worse.

2 thoughts on “We are so very shocked that Chris Christie’s phone is missing

  1. Boy is the tactical decision not to file obstruction of justice against Christie ever dicey. These Defendants could get off pointing to the Governor and then the Governor could skate pointing to these Defendants.

  2. If he’s not chosen for VP, then Secretary of Transportation would be a good alternative.
    His qualifications are legion:
    He shut down the George Washington Bridge, cancelled the Hudson River rail tunnel, and needed a state-issued SUV to cover the last few yards between his son’s baseball game and the landing spot for his state-issued helicopter because he was too morbidly obese to walk a block or two.

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