Decoding Trump’s Disastrous May Campaign Finance Report

The Trump Nuclear Bomb

The New York Times called it “the worst financial and organizational disadvantage of any major party nominee in recent history.” At the beginning of June, Donald Trump’s campaign had just $1.3 million in cash-on-hand, after paying for the previous month’s campaign expenses. Hillary Clinton had $43 million. Trump raised just $3 million in May. Clinton raised…

3 thoughts on “Decoding Trump’s Disastrous May Campaign Finance Report

  1. CL You have hit on the question of the day. I say “feature”. The specious “self funding” of the primary was Trump brand building. That explains the self dealing in his disclosures. The high stakes bet on the general is going to be played on house money going forward. The art of this deal is blackmail. “Feed me or the under card gets it!” The hi-jinks at the convention are just going to fuel the sell-out and betrayal arguments. Trump’s threats to denounce the fix are going to fund the rest of this farce.

  2. The plot thickens.
    Will Sheldon Adelson be named ambassador to Israel?
    Will Wayne LaPierre be made Secretary of Self-Defense?

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