Sanders Knew What He Was Doing: Clinton Endorsement Comes After Huge Wins In DNC Platform


Sanders concedes to Clinton – but only after she made several concessions to him The Democratic primary is finally over. After a grueling campaign most pundits first thought would be a formality that even went on for more than a month after it should have been mathematically over, upstart candidate Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton,…

6 thoughts on “Sanders Knew What He Was Doing: Clinton Endorsement Comes After Huge Wins In DNC Platform

  1. This endorsement has caused my daily multiple email solicitations from Bernie to transform into solicitations for Hillary . He must have sold or given her his email lists. The are so pathetic, whining about how they expected the grassroots to suddenly start chipping for her, but omg nothing but crickets, it’s an emergency , I must donate today.
    Bitch will probably get my vote. But she’s already bought and paid for by the Jaimie diamonds of the world. Not.a red cent from me, I’ll save my money for down ballot races if there is anyone worth a damn.
    But I mostly have to wonder if these emails are legit . Different senders , but the same desperate theme. Either very cynical, or drenched in flop sweat. Even if I had been inclined to donate, these would give me pause. The clintons or obamas playing underdog is just too much. I think I’ll blame DWS. This has got the stench of her bad perm all over it.

  2. When someone loses a primary, one of the first things they do is negotiate the use of the loser’s email list. By the way: Here’s the list of organizations she gave speeches to.

    Notice she got just as much from the U.S. Green Building Council as she did from Goldman Sachs, and even more from the National Automobile Dealers Assocation. Oh, and A&E. They’re all in on it, I’m sure.

  3. Are you being sarcastic? Otherwise I’m confused.
    Of course they are in on it. Access ain’t free to lobby for those tax credits all those supposedly green industries depend on for their very existence. Naturally for dlc types, all problems can and should be solved with tax incentives to private industry or vouchers and subsidies to same.
    A&E? Is that a cable channel like for honey boo boo or that harpie mom in PA with the sextuplets and twins? I’m missing the relevance of this one. But I’d be surprised if they paid that money out of any sort of altruism or idealism

  4. They pay that money to get someone with enough star power that people will pay to come to their conventions or conferences.

  5. Poor poor Guest – didn’t get what he wanted. And he is a he I guarantee you.

  6. dropping words like ‘bitch’ here and there. Hmmm, well yeah, “Bitch!!!!” you say that as if it were bad thing.

    And I like Green Buildings, too.
    As for the post, ‘remarkably clean campaign”? Huh, not from my end.

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