Terrorist With Truck Full Of Explosives Plows Through Crowd In Nice, France

Pray for Nice! 30 dead and several more injured in a terrorist attack today in Nice, France. #PrayForNice

A semi-truck reported to be full of explosives plowed through a Bastille Day crowd in Nice, France, killing at least 73 people and leaving many others injured. There is video online of the attack, but due to the extremely graphic nature of it, we will not be including it in this post. However, according to NBC…

4 thoughts on “Terrorist With Truck Full Of Explosives Plows Through Crowd In Nice, France

  1. I love how they mention that there is a graphic video of the attack, then they pat themselves on the back for not showing it and throw shade at anyone who does show it. And good luck finding any videos because YouTube or whoever takes them down as fast as they can. What you are left with is incomprehensible written or spoken descriptions. One article quoted a Scottish witness’s tweet that some people were dead. Gee? How did we get along before Twitter? Tthe few sanitized videos will get you nowhere in understanding what actually happened better, but first you get to sit thru the twits at cnn or fox endlessly telling you what to think about the event and terrorism and how it should be reacted to politically.

  2. What public good is served by showing the bloody bodies? I’ve seen the videos, they’re gruesome. They’re also inflammatory, because we don’t even know why this guy did it. He was a petty criminal who was going through a divorce. Maybe that had more to do with it.

  3. A petty criminal going through a divorce with a truck load of explosives? When did France get a Second Amendment?

  4. Well I’ve never seen those kinds of videos, so I don’t even know what they show, not even for 9/11. Iearly in the morning I saw one where there were a bunch of people running down the street , possibly ahead of the truck. It wasI scary but no death or injuries caught on camera.I think even that one got taken down as too graphic.. I’m assuming a lot of this too graphic footage is not very graphic at all. But at least theat clip gave an idea of the situation that the verbal accounts don’t.
    If you have a policy not to show those things, fine, but please, so called news outfits, spare us your sanctimonious lectures about your high standards for censuring the news, and get on with the information you are willing to provide.
    Funny how ft he bar for fictional graphic violence is so so so much lower. Or how these same media outlets showed wall to wall coverage of shock and awe against Kabull and Baghdad, and showed it very approvingly. I don’t find their delicate sensibilities convincing or sincere at all.
    I probably wouldn’t even have the stomach to watch anything graphic, but the paternalistic attitude that goes with this all pervasive censorship really irks the shit out of me.

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