Using the right word at the right time

The Exorcist

We’re all grownups here, right? We’ve all used blue language when we’ve slammed our thumb in a door, or when we stub a toe. Depending on what we do for a living, we may use this language rather freely (as in, every other word).

My mother was aghast at my language. “It’s the sign of a weak vocabulary,” she once lectured me. “Well, I guess I shot that theory to shit,” I replied.

“It’s not ladylike,” some friends cautioned. “I’m not a ‘lady.’ I’m a grown woman,” I responded.

So I’m not the most sympathetic person in the world to pearl-clutching over language. You already know this about me.

So when Republicans start going after PA’s Democratic senate nominee Katie McGinty for calling Pat Toomey an asshole, I am all over that shit.

The Philadelphia Inquirer was oh, so shocked, and Katie apologized to them. Fuck them. That kind of precious paternalism is why no one reads them. (Betcha the Daily News didn’t care.)

Toomey’s campaign wrote on Twitter that they would refer McGinty to her campaign chairman, former Gov. Ed Rendell, “who called Pat Toomey ‘a man of uncommon decency.’ Apology accepted.”

Yeah, Ed. Whatever.

First of all, Pat Toomey is exactly what Katie McGinty called him. Anyone who’s ever called his office opposing his vote knows that — his snotty little right-wing staffers ridicule you and tell you you’re stupid. I don’t hear any apologies about that — and we’re paying their salaries!

(You also may remember that Pat Toomey was also a one-man wall of obstruction for the safety equipment that would have stopped the horrible Amtrak crash last year. That makes him a right-wing you-know-what in my book.)

Second, I think you probably know we wouldn’t be having this discussion if a male candidate called his opponent an “asshole.” Especially if he was.

Third, Katie McGinty calling Pat Toomey what he is is no, not even a little comparable to the kinds of things Donald Trump routinely says. And we should be furious at a compliant media that lets Republicans tie them together. That would let a gun-loving fake moderate like Toomey hide behind McGinty’s slip of the tongue.