The Beatles at the Cavern

Via Jim Boggia:

A bit of context on this that might be common knowledge to hard-core Beatle nerds.

This was filmed at the Cavern in Liverpool by Granada Television, an independent (that’s non-BBC) English TV network later the same night that the first photo was taken. This is Ringo’s third gig with the band.

I’m sure a lot of you have seen at least bits of this, but the really cool thing about this particular video is that it is the RAW FOOTAGE that was recorded and later compiled into a shorter piece for broadcast. It includes TWO versions of ‘Some Other Guy’ with video and audio (check out the audience member shouting out “We Want Pete!” after the second take) but then there’s additional audio from that night that includes early versions of ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ and ‘One After 909’, plus a version of ‘Kansas City’ with, inexplicably, very softly recorded audio of Brian Epstein (my only guess is that the audio was recorded on a 2 track machine and for some reason we’re hearing both tracks here).

This extra audio is accompanied by a bunch of additional video that was filmed to be “insert” pieces cut into the final version for broadcast, so you get lots of audience shots, plus some nice close-ups and different angles of the band.
There’s very little audio or video of the Beatles at the Cavern (maybe this is it?). I find it really interesting to hear that while they were obviously very popular (the place is packed and they’re being filmed for television), there’s NO SCREAMING. Watching the shots of the fans in the archways literally 4 feet from the band still blows my mind. THIS is where you wanted to see them.