Tweety refused to believe KKK Grand Wizard endorsed Trump

When Congress Worked: A Conversation with Chris Matthews & Bob Cusack

Chris Matthews invited Joan Walsh, Andrew Weinstein, former press secretary to Newt Gingrich, and Michael Steele, former director of the RNC onto Hardball to discuss today’s heated back-and-forth between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump over Trump’s connections to white supremacists and fringe conspiracy theorists. He began with Michael Steele, but to me, the moment he badgered…

2 thoughts on “Tweety refused to believe KKK Grand Wizard endorsed Trump

  1. Remember, this is the guy who still doesn’t get why tone policing Hillary Clinton’s voice is sexist. If you want to watch something truly painful, watch his segment with Dick Cavett.

  2. Usually I give Tweety a free pass because:

    a): occasionally he says something interesting or semi-insightful


    b): most of the time he seems to be harmless.

    But after this KKK thing, he’s used up all his get-out-of-jail cards as far as I’m concerned. From now on, he has zero credibility with me.

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