The kind of day I’ve had

PFD Engine 266

Today is the one day I get off every week, and I got to spend half of it cleaning out my refrigerator and wiping it down. (Turns out there wasn’t a dead mouse in the motor; it just smelled like that. The appliance repairman said the freezer door had probably been open a little bit, which is enough to rot food. The smell permeated everything.)

After several hours, I was finally done. I grabbed a quick dinner at a local grille and went to the supermarket to replace all the smelly, stinky food I’d just gotten rid of.

I was pushing a cart down the aisle when my cell phone rang. I didn’t recognize the number, but I picked up anyway. It was my new bank, calling to ask if I’d just tried to buy two airline tickets to China. Uh, no.

Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner China Southern Airlines B-2726 Beijing Capital Airport ZBAA PEK

The guy tells me they’re about to cut off my debit card. “I’m standing here in the supermarket buying food. I have nothing in my refrigerator,” I said. “Can’t I just pay for this?”

No, he tells me. But he can authorize one last ATM withdrawal.

So I put all the food back, get in my car and go to the convenience store. (The bank doesn’t have an ATM.) There’s a long line at the store ATM, but I finally get to the machine and the fraud rep authorizes my withdrawal.

I take a side street home, and pull over to let a fire engine pass. I pull out again and get trapped between two fire engines. (Ironically, they were called to the local branch of the new bank.)

At least I got a dozen eggs and bacon for breakfast tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “The kind of day I’ve had

  1. Refrigerators can be tricky things.
    Same goes for debit cards.

    At least you had an honest repairman.

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