Oh, the Clinton health conspiracies are in full swing now


It’s been really hot here, the past several days. When I went out the other day to retrieve my trash cans (we’re talking less than a minute, maybe 15 feet from my front door), it was so hot and humid, I actually felt faint. That’s the first time that ever happened to me.

Now, imagine standing outside in that heat and humidity for an hour — wearing a suit. I look at Clinton wearing those outfits (and probably a bullet-proof vest), and all I can think about is how hot she must be, and how much she must be sweating.

So when she left the 9/11 memorial yesterday because she felt overheated, I wasn’t surprised.

Then I saw this from a few weeks ago that popped up in my Twitter feed:

Now, he makes some assumptions here. I’m sure if Clinton notices any cognitive symptoms, she goes to her doctor. I’m pretty sure she has access to the best medical care.

But what he says here is just careless, and feeds the conspiracy machine. Football players almost always lose cognitive function from repeated brain trauma. The effects of concussion are cumulative. While it does happen that one concussion causes long-term loss of function, that probably has more to do with undertreatment. Unless you live in an urban center, you probably don’t have access to brain injury specialists. Clinton did.

The Trump people, of course, want us to think otherwise — which is why they’ve been spreading rumors about her health for weeks.

Which maybe distracts from all the questions about the sociopath who’s running on the Republican ticket.

One thought on “Oh, the Clinton health conspiracies are in full swing now

  1. Man. Time for some tweet-comparisons, except I don’t and won’t have an account.

    Clinton corruption: fantasy league only. Trump corruption: real and yuuuge.
    Clinton’s brain: smartest person in the room. Trump’s brain: “I got good words I got all the words.”
    Clinton’s health: healthy, see real report from a real doctor. Trump’s health: sketchy note from sketchy doctor with no details.
    Clinton’s taxes: released going back to the Stone Ages. Trump’s taxes: too shameful to risk showing.
    Clinton’s Foundation: more highly rated than the American Red Cross. Trump’s Foundation: using other people’s money for self-promotion.

    Etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.

    As the one Twitter genius said (my bad paraphrase): every woman knows this situation. On one side a baboon. On the other side a woman who’s one of the best candidates ever. And it’s a contest.

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