What 9/11 reveals about Clinton and Trump

Hillary Clinton Felt ‘Overheated,’ Left Early From Sept. 11 Commemoration

Each anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is marked with appropriate solemnity, in remembrance of all who lost their lives on that grim day and especially the many who sacrificed themselves in dutiful valor. On these occasions we recall a moment of unity and dignity for our country, a sense that everything had changed, and a determination…

One thought on “What 9/11 reveals about Clinton and Trump

  1. It’s a small point, but Trump’s building was only the second-tallest in lower Manhattan after the Twin Towers fell.
    The AIG Building was taller than Trump’s, and has been for more than 80 years. Either he’s a liar, or he can’t even keep track of his properties. Maybe both.

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