The Daily Show interviews Trump supporters

Donald J. Trump at Marriott Marquis NYC September 7th 2016

You probably should

Wednesday’s episode of The Daily Show didn’t have to create crazy fiction or conspiracy theories to malign Hillary Clinton. That’s because Correspondent Jordan Klepper found plenty of Trump supporters to do it all by themselves. It was a spectacular display of the rampant ignorance and misinformation that has run amok among the supporters of Donald Drumpf.…

2 thoughts on “The Daily Show interviews Trump supporters

  1. Imma guess these guys are actually too dumb to figure out how to register and vote. Also too lazy/unreliable/irresponsible to vote. Trust me I live in Hooterville, GA.

  2. They just exude stupid. What’d one of these guys say during an interview, “facts are unfair . . .”

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