Debate reaction: So far, very good

Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump debate highlights - Last night we got a chance to see Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in action against each other in the first presidential debate. What should have been 100 minutes of these two candidates laying out the

It’s funny. I think we’re all so used to having the media contradict reality, we don’t even trust our own eyes anymore. I had a half-dozen people contact me since the debate to ask if Hillary did well. “Didn’t you watch?” I’d ask. Well yeah, they’d say, but they didn’t know how the media would react.

Hillary Clinton won the first debate against Donald Trump and likely produced electoral shifts, according to participants in a live dial meter focus group organized by Democracy Corps and commissioned by Women’s Voices. Women Vote Action Fund.

[…] Clinton produced impressive gains in the vote, squeezing the third party candidates and raising intensity of support with white unmarried women and white working class voters.

That alone would be a big night. But just as important, she shifted these voters’ perceptions of her as a person on such key attributes as trustworthiness, having good plans for the economy, jobs, and looking out for the middle class. There was also a huge shift in her overall favorability (+33 points).

The white working class story is almost as impressive. Their lines spiked all through the debate and their favorability towards Clinton also shifted 33 points. The 2-way vote margin shifted 16 points as the 3rd party vote got squeezed. And at the end of the debate she won her biggest gains with these working class voters on the economy, keeping America strong and having the right
approach to taxes. Clinton could not have hoped for better.

Millennials also responded very positively to key parts of Clinton’s performance, though their favorability shift was not as great as other groups and Clinton lost a little ground on the vote. We will watch what happens in the real world.
Overall, this was a very good night for Hillary Clinton.

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  1. Funny how whenever people can see Clinton for a while without media BS in the way (the other example being the Convention) they find out she’s a mensch.

  2. There needs to be a polled shift her way. If that happens Trumps ego will blow him up in the next debate round and this thing’s over.

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