The humbling of Donald Trump

Debate Clinton-Trump ensures kijkcijferrecord

“How are you, Donald,” Hillary Clinton said as she shook her opponent’s hand on stage at Hofstra University on Monday. She wasn’t going to use the “Mr. Trump” honorific like some sort of Apprentice contestant. Trump, of the other hand, asked her if Secretary Clinton was a good label and then slipped and used “Hillary” a…

2 thoughts on “The humbling of Donald Trump

  1. Has he been sniffing since the debate? It has been suggested the sniffing was akin to a nervous tic. I have seen people with dry little nervous coughs for example. It seemed to get worse as the debate went on. I think he was scared out of his wits and remember – Mark Cuban was sitting right up front. I think that was our first glimpse of what an epic Trump meltdown looks like.

  2. Speaking of Cuba(n) and Trumpf — Newsweek has revealed that The Donald, through intermediaries, engaged in illegal financial transactions with the Castro regime.

    I wonder how that will play in South Florida.

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