One thought on “‘Finally, someone who thinks like me’

  1. Dream we dream together is reality. That’s true of all of us.

    Her life became a bad dream, she’s surrounded by fever-dream explanations of what she’s suffered, so she’s landed in insanity. The same insanity as a big minority of the country. Trying the same thing that’s never worked over and over again.

    That’s how I see the trajectory of her story.

    And I think it’s a real mistake to be so boggled by the insanity evident now that we lose sight of the kernel of truth about the injustices that started it all.

    I’m not real optimistic that enough people will ditch their I-me-me-mine principles, though. My guess is they’ll keep trying it, generating more trumpsters, figuring that next time it just has to get them something. The insanity is pretty widespread.

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