The GOP is cratering

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Here’s the first big poll done post-tape, pre-debate:

Head to head against Trump, Clinton is up 14 points. (That’s wave territory, in case you didn’t know.)


In a four-way race, she’s up by 11. Expect more of the third-party voters to switch support in the final weeks and days.

Not only that, this poll was 71% white. Which means the cratering is even worse than it looks:

On a conference call this morning, Paul Ryan told House members to do what they have to do to save their seats. He’s going to concentrate on keeping the House, he told them — but with these numbers, I wouldn’t count on it.

The GOP internal polls have them in a panic. They may very well lose the entire enchilada, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of assholes.

The Democratic strategists believe they can send Clinton out to the reddest states and pull out some of their closest congressional races.

5 thoughts on “The GOP is cratering

  1. And then Hillary sweeps to power like bill in 1992 and Obama in 2008, and next thing you know chuck and Debbie and Nancy and Steny and the prez pass Tisa and TPP and toss a few crumbs to liberals, then fight off progressives until 2018 when people sit at home after two years of betrayal so that republicans sweep congress and the dems are safe from ever being expected to get anything useful done agin for six more years. Rinse, repeat

  2. It’s hard to have a rational discussion who simply doesn’t recognize that the political winds have shifted well to the left of progressive policies.

  3. Susie: Your comment disappoints. Scuzbucket Trump polls near a steady 40%. Third party disaffection occupies 5%. With the anointed one cratering because he’s gross, we are delusionally expecting a landslide. A shift to the left is a stretch. When all this stabilizes, we get Hillary as President, and Republicans controlling the House and Senate.

  4. Liess:

    I think we’ll wind up with a demo senate, and a less-red house.
    If some more Trump scandals break, we might even have a senate that’s blue enough to confirm some honest and intelligent Supremes, and, with luck, a pale-blue house, because quite a few righties will stay home or throw their votes to the startlingly ignorant Libertarian.

    If it takes a well-documented case of The Donald grabbing his daughter’s (either one’s) glutes, then so be it.

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