Trump unshackled


Does Trump take the GOP down with him? Seems likely:

What appears to be happening is the Breitbart-ization of Trump’s campaign, adopting a strategy of full-on attack against everyone who doesn’t see the world as he does — including Republicans. (That move isn’t totally out of the blue. Breitbart chief Stephen Bannon is a close Trump adviser.) Trump is effectively turning the guns on his own troops, a move that might be personally satisfying to him but that will result in near-certain carnage for lots of Republicans.

The promise to be unshackled means that this is going to get worse for Republicans. Maybe far worse. Trump will undoubtedly “go there” more often against Bill Clinton — as he did in the second debate — but will also do everything he can to embarrass Republican politicians who he believes have betrayed him (and their constituents). People I talked to over the weekend said the election for Republicans seemed headed for an every-man-for-himself mentality. But, it might be even worse than that now. You can try to run from Trump but (a) it might not work since we are so close to the election, and b) there’s no promise that Trump will let you do it without attacking you by name.

This is an absolute worst-case scenario for Republicans. Had Trump turned against them months ago — or had his poll numbers dipped then as they have now — extricating themselves from the dumpster fire might have been painful, but it was possible. Now it’s almost certainly too late to do any real distancing from the nominee even as he is promising more unpredictability and more intraparty attacks.

It’s unclear how badly Trump can hurt his chances or those of his party downballot. But, the disaster scenario — an electoral college wipeout, losing the Senate and the House — now has to be on the table.

3 thoughts on “Trump unshackled

  1. Personally, I’m happy as a pig in shit that the idiot is unshackled! Let him keep on with his goal of establishing his own white nationalist party. He probably could care less that this country is turning colors at a rapid rate—-let him keep on digging this huuuuuge hole, then try to dig his stupid ass out when he finally realizes that the hole he dug will be big and wide enough to place his fat ass casket in.

  2. All of which also rather underlines the point that an awful lot of Repubs only woke up once he was pretty sure to lose.

    Not exactly a principled stand at this point.

  3. I just hope his followers pull his handle and don’t vote at all for all the down ballot TRAITORS!!

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