Michelle Obama in New Hampshire

I don’t know if men understand how many women have had a visceral, physical response to Trump and the events of the last week. Unless you’re also been stalked or assaulted, probably not. So many women have told me they were highly anxious and suffering physical symptoms this week, I almost couldn’t believe it — except I was having those symptoms, too.

It was bad enough that I had to watch Trump’s speech yesterday morning. But that the cable networks allow him to do what he does? They’re the “Radio Rwanda” that allows him to use the airways to build a sense of toxic grievance that will, yes, result in domestic terrorism and violence — especially against women. His insane accusations almost always go unchallenged, and to the unsophisticated viewer, that means they must be true.

Shame on MSNBC and CNN for their complicity.

But here was the antidote that lifted the clouds, at least for a while:

One thought on “Michelle Obama in New Hampshire

  1. Fortunately, (or maybe not) the “Radio Rwanda”s that Michelle describes have helped us see and understand what a predator looks and sounds like. I’m a man and I’m appalled that the networks have spun the IDIOT’S comments over and over again regarding his hatred against women. So much so that it makes makes MY skin crawl. I don’t know ANYONE who talks that way about women. Period.

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