Trump won’t win


But that’s only the beginning. As the media point their fingers at women as the big voting bloc that stopped him, the deplorables will nurse their grievances. The attacks will ramp up on women for the next four (and hopefully eight) years.

It will be war.

I think of the book John Amato and Dave Neiwert wrote after Obama was elected, about how his win sent the wingnuts over the cliff. We saw a big jump in bombings and mass shootings by homegrown terrorists. God only knows what’s coming next.

I went to an Al Gore press conference shortly after the election was stolen from him. A reporter asked him why he didn’t dispute the election results further, and he responded, “Because that way lies insurrection.”

Think about that. He cared enough about the country not to split it in two — unlike this bozo. This orange Cheeto.

2 thoughts on “Trump won’t win

  1. I don’t think gore did us any favors that way. It was bad enuf what bush and Cheney did, but by not confronting them then , they just got so much stronger.

  2. And ditto for the rest of the world that stood by in 2000 and said nothing, then played along with the coalition of the willing ( I’m looking at you UK) and now they are so dismayed at what is going on in the US. It’s been sixteen years of appeasement of the fascism, and history is starting to rhyme.

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