What if someone hacked Julian Assange’s emails?

Ecuador confirms restrict access to the internet Julian Assange

To understand the exposure of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s emails by Wikileaks, it may be helpful to try a few simple thought experiments. What if the National Security Agency stole tens of thousands of emails from a politician in another country – or better yet, from a different politician here – and then published them…

2 thoughts on “What if someone hacked Julian Assange’s emails?

  1. Could be I have lost sight of the pea somewhere, but as one of the primary critics around this joint of that personal server I fail to see where it is the source of any of these leaks.

  2. It is preposterously naive to suggest that NSA hasn’t already had a look inside every aspect of WikiLeaks’ servers. They even had to apologize for hacking Angela Merkels’s cell phone for chrissake. Don’t doubt for a second that they or their corporate partners aren’t intimately familiar with, say, the details of everyone on the House and Senate appropriations committees.

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