5 thoughts on “Special prosecutor

  1. She needs to go hide under a rock somewhere! She and Trump are delusional, indeed he really is unfit to govern. They need to be discussing who is going to pardon the about-to-be former governor of Jersey. Or, better yet, Trump himself needs a pardon (a pre-emptive one because of the war crimes he’s about to commit, not to mention the whole goddamned list of the devastation he’s soon to inflict on the poorest of us in Amerikkka, or those of us without “papers”……sort of like Hitler did to the Jews, et.al., ya’ know?)

  2. Take My Country Back…. [to 1951]

    Make America Hate Again..!!

    Those of us on the Left Coast did our job, but it wasn’t near enough.All the battleground states were so close, and the rural reds rose up to have their say. You would think they would examine the high standard of living in places like Seattle and many cities in California, as well as the liberal bastions in the Northeast, and realize that Progressive = Prosperity.

    The corporate media machine did a great job blaming Obama for the struggling economy, when they should have been praising him for pulling us out of the Bush Depression. The recovery would have been much more robust if the lock-step Republican obstructionists had gotten out of the way or done their jobs and gotten the country working again. People needed change, but they focused their anger on the wrong branch of government. They picked a new Executive rather than replacing the Legislators.

  3. Exactly Martigan, exactky so,
    So now I have to decide, make a new party : ‘The Antiascist Party” or maybe go with the flow and make “the Fascist Party,” and out-Trump Trump. Make America Aryan again! Once in power, you can do what you want.

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