Michael Moore throws the gauntlet with Christians

@DonJohnstonLC : RT @dcexaminer: Michael Moore defends working-class Trump supporters https://t.co/WQ9AIJKuDw https://t.co/d0A0V4umyN

Appearing on MSNBC’s AM Joy, filmmaker Michael Moore challenged white Americans to stand up for minorities and women who are coming under attack since the election of Donald Trump to be the next president. Since Trump’s stunning win on Election Day, attacks on Latinos, Muslims, African-Americans and women have skyrocketed, causing many to fear going out…

One thought on “Michael Moore throws the gauntlet with Christians

  1. It won’t work. The next election will look just like the last. Challenging the white supremacists should be the given. They didn’t win. Ignoring economic hardship in rural America is a formula for recreating the America we would have had the South won the Civil War.

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