Harry Reid calls Comey ‘Republican operative’ who ‘threw the election to Trump’

Did FBI Director James Comey break the law with Hillary Clinton emails? - Many people thought it was odd when FBI Director James Comey caused a stir for Hillary Clinton with his letter to Congress, and Minority Leader Harry Reid has stepped up to point th

During an interview with Chris Hayes tonight, Harry Reid unloaded on FBI Director James Comey, pointing at him as the sole reason Hillary Clinton lost the election. It’s hard to argue, given the razor-thin margin she lost by in four states, and the fact that late-breaking votes went Trump’s way right after the Comey letter hit…

2 thoughts on “Harry Reid calls Comey ‘Republican operative’ who ‘threw the election to Trump’

  1. This is probably not somethings susie will appreciate, but why does comey remind me of Lindsey graham? How can someone have such ugly baggy eyes yet those eyes also look “did”. I mean there is something fake about them. The effect is like an sour old church lady. Does he do drag in private like j Edgar? I get drag queen in civvies from him.

  2. Of course Comey threw the election—–even Stevie Wonder can see that! Personally, I blame Obama’s naivete’ for hiring Comey in the first place. To go over his AG’s authority is called insubordination. If Obama gave a shit, he’s ask for Comey’s resignation before he leaves office. Indeed, if he truly had any common sense he’d pardon Hillary before the new AG spends taxpayer dollars investigating her when trump takes power. Save his legacy, you say? He’d better pardon Hill if he ever wants to have a place in history that would make us half-way proud of his stupid ass. We now KNOW FOR SURE, trump WILL attempt to throw her in jail if Sessions has anything to say about it.

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