2 thoughts on “Oh, oops! Trump shares poll he misread

  1. Instead of the best and brightest, Trump has given us the worst and the dullest.

    That said, has the leadership of the Democratic Party lost its f****** mind?

    First they wanted to use the economy as their main issue in this election year.
    Now they want to use national security as their issue, an even a worse idea.

    Embracing the Military Industrial Complex and the NSA Intelligence Complex is what the Fascist Republicans do.

    UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, like her predecessor neo-liberal, cold-warrior Samantha Powers, is a relic of the past.

    The Democrats should stop being warmongers and nation builders and start being rational human beings who actually give a s*** about keeping people alive.

  2. I think he is losing it, coming apart under the stress and his handlers are giving up trying to control him. One indicator I use is his hair. It is no longer so well tended and put together.

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