Hope Hicks is resigning

Hope Hicks: Making his tiny boner slightly larger again.

Wow, after spending the entire day yesterday testifying in front of the House Intelligence Committee, Hope Hicks dropped a bombshell: SHE IS RESIGNING. The 29-year old Hicks has served as the White House communications director for the last five months after a tumultuous revolving door of previous staffers in the same position. Prior to joining the…

One thought on “Hope Hicks is resigning

  1. Trump delegates everything. What the Hope Hick’s franchise was is difficult to determine.

    We know that the criminal Jared Kushner was given the Middle East/Middle East peace process franchise.
    Which he completely f***** up.

    The North Korean franchise was given to pond scum Nikki Haley.
    This braindead, knucklehead has tried lots of warn out cold war tactics to force the North Korean’s to raise the white flag.
    Each attempt was mocked by Kim Jung-un who just kept on truckin’.

    Haley’s latest gambit is the old “pirate method.”
    She wants the US Navy to intercept and board North Korean vessels on the high seas.

    Nikki Haley should be in a booby hatch, not at the UN.
    Which after the day and the year that Hope Hicks has had is a place that she might consider visiting for a long, peaceful rest.

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