High-crime area

Joe Scarborough said yesterday there was “such a culture of corruption there. Somebody yesterday said that (Chris) Collins had to feel picked on when you had Wilbur Ross, in their words, doing insider trading at a pace the guy thought he only had two weeks to live” and reminded viewers “the fish rots from the head.”

“I think Joe hit the nail on the head when he called it a culture of corruption,” Matt Miller said.

“Democrats have the ability now to make this case that there is this culture that starts at the top with Donald Trump and starts with his family members and kind of pervasive throughout his administration and also the Treasury secretary on government planes, under inspector general investigations and now moving it over to a member of congress.

“The problem for other members of Congress — this is not to say every Republican member of Congress is corrupt, of course not. But everyone is allowing this to go unchecked. No one in a leadership position, no one on the Hill is saying we need to stop it and investigate it and shine some sunlight.

“That becomes a political vulnerability for all of them. I think one of the interesting subplots of this Chris Collins thing, he is the second person to literally have committed a crime on the White House grounds. They made that call while he was standing on the White House grounds. It’s the same place where Mike Flynn, in his White House office, sat down with the FBI and lied to the FBI.

“You could make the case that the White House compound now has the highest crime rate, really, of any neighborhood in Washington.”

Uh oh. Scott’s in trouble…

Leaks Show EPA Staffers Actively Discussing Undermining Pruitt

Sounds like the White House is getting ready to cut Scott Pruitt loose:

White House officials are cautioning Republican lawmakers and other conservative allies to temper their defense of Scott Pruitt, according to two people familiar with the discussions, in a sign that administration support for the embattled EPA chief may be waning.

The warnings come as several top GOP lawmakers have stepped forward to publicly criticize Pruitt in recent days, marking a dramatic turn of fortune for one of the most conservative members of President Donald Trump’s cabinet who has been heralded for dismantling Obama-era regulations.

Republicans are now sharpening their criticisms about Pruitt amid a revelation that he met at least once with the lobbyist whose wife rented him a bedroom on Capitol Hill.

But don’t worry, Republicans! Andrew Wheeler, his newly-appointed No. 2, is just as indifferent to the fate of the earth as Pruitt was!

Conway says White House respects women: ‘Why would someone like me and other women be there?’

Corrupted with Kellyanne

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway on Sunday suggested that women would not work at the White House if they were not respected and valued as equals. ABC host George Stephanopoulos noted during an interview with Conway on This Week that there is “pattern” with Donald Trump’s view of women. “When a friend or an ally –… Continue reading “Conway says White House respects women: ‘Why would someone like me and other women be there?’”

White House defends wife-beating staffer


Of course! Via the Intercept:

During the background interviews for Porter’s security clearance related to his senior White House role, FBI agents interviewed the two women. The former wives told the FBI that Porter was abusive during their marriages, according to interviews with the women. For Porter, the FBI interviews marked a collision of his professional ascendancy and his sometimes violent private life.

Colbie Holderness, Porter’s first wife, provided her correspondence with the FBI to The Intercept. (The FBI did not respond to a request for comment, and the agent involved in the exchange declined to speak about the case.) In an interview, she said the pattern of violence in her marriage to Porter began on their honeymoon in the Canary Islands in 2003 and continued from there.

“He only punched me once, in the eye,” Holderness said. It was during a vacation in Florence in 2005. She said, “He threw me down on the bed and punched me in the face. I think he was shocked that he had lost control to that extent.”

Porter resigned Wednesday, with an undetermined effective date, amid the allegations.