It’s Ivanka’s turn

Ivanka Trump's South Korea trip fuels White House tension

Read Wonkette’s entire thread. It’s something.

One thought on “It’s Ivanka’s turn

  1. Ivanka and Jared are on their way out of the WH at Trump’s request. Both will be charged with influence peddling and fraud.

    If Trump fires Sessions and Stephen Miller ASAP then he’ll be going in the right direction.

    When he fires neo-liberal Gary Cohn, Pruitt, Zinke, Carson and Kevin Hassett, he might begin to make a believer out of me. But only on economic and foreign policy.

    Trump actually did two positive things this week.
    1. He called the Republican’s out for being afraid of the NRA.
    2. He will slap tariff’s on steel (25%) and aluminum(10%) next week.

    We are the number #1 importer of steel in the world. We buy it from China, South Korea, Japan and Germany.

    In 1967 we produced 35 million metric tons more steel then we do today. (That’s a lot of lost union jobs.)
    We imported 33 million metric tons of steel in 2017. (That’s a lot of lost union jobs.)
    35 v. 33……..isn’t that interesting? Must have something to do with lousy trade agreements and the WTO.

    We are the 4th largest steel producer in the world. We should be at least 2nd. If we spend billions on re-building our infrastructure shouldn’t ALL of the steel that we use come from US plants?

    Trump is right to slap tariff’s on any country which dumps its products on the US at a price that is well below their cost of production.

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