Second Steele memo: Kremlin blocked Romney for State

Romney endorsed by U.S President Trump for the U.S. Senate

A in-depth piece from the New Yorker’s Jane Mayer this morning has some stunning news. In a deep dive into the credibility of Christopher Steele and his famous memo, she reports that one of his Russian memos was never made public: One subject that Steele is believed to have discussed with Mueller’s investigators is a memo…

One thought on “Second Steele memo: Kremlin blocked Romney for State

  1. Clearly Trump is a “dead man walking.”

    Which leaves us with White Nationalist, Evangelical Christian extremist Mike Pence. Ugh.

    Pence is not quite a European-style Populist but he’s close enough to be a serious problem.

    Here’s why.
    The neo-liberal, globalists are getting their asses kicked all over Europe and the United States.
    The Populists (right wing, neo-Fascist, conservatives) are cleaning their clocks.
    The latest example of that is Italy, where over the weekend the Fascist 5-Star Movement and the League Party got over 50% of the vote between them.

    Note: The League Party is supported and partially funded by Putin ( a Fascist pretending to be a Communist) surrogates.

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