Mueller’s closing in on Trump’s inner circle

Yesterday, we found out that a grand just subpoena seems to be aimed at Trump’s inner circle. Now the guessing game is, who leaked the subpoena? Via The Daily Beast: A grand jury subpoena reviewed by Axios that special counsel Robert Mueller sent to a witness indicates that many in President Trump’s known inner circle, and…

One thought on “Mueller’s closing in on Trump’s inner circle

  1. Criminals operate in the darkness.
    Turn over the rock they’re hiding under and they scurry around a little before they wither and die from the antiseptic sunlight.

    Dirty trickster and all around scumbag Roger Stone, hired and trained Sam Nunberg in the political black arts.

    Sam knew that he’d bought the farm when the glare of the public spotlight shined on him and exposed the way that he made his living.
    So he went crazy for a day.
    Once he came to the realization that his so-called career of f****** people over was caput, and that he could go to jail if he didn’t spill his guts to Mueller, he calmed down.

    Stone is the guy that needs to be got for this entire house of cards to collapse.

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