One thought on “Feeling safer yet?

  1. If Trump were to have his way the only Department that would be left In government would be the Department of Defense. The Founding Father’s called it the War Department.

    ‘Trillions for defense and not a penny for anything else’, is Trump’s mantra.

    The good people of Kentucky, who voted overwhelmingly for Trump, have finally figured out that their state has the most dangerous water supply in America.
    All of the measureable variables tell that story.
    Those living in Eastern Kentucky are now using collected rainwater for their everyday needs such as bathing and laundry and bottled water to drink because their water is so toxic.

    Although Kentucky’s water is the worst, the water in the rest of the states is becoming less safe by the day.
    It’s estimated that we need to spend an additional $12 billion dollars a year across the US to improve our water supply.

    Instead of investing in safe water for US citizens, Trump wants to spend $60 billion dollars to build a wall along the US/Mexican border.
    That $60 billion dollars would go a long way over 5 years to increase the safety of our water supply.

    Republicans are the enemy.

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