White guy attacks police, fires rifle at them, resists arrest, yet is still alive

St. Louisville Police Department

Last month, America witnessed another black man being gunned down by police officers. Stephon Clark, 22-years-old, was holding a cellphone in his grandmother’s backyard when Sacramento police fired roughly 20 shots at him, eight hit him in the back, and he died.

One thought on “White guy attacks police, fires rifle at them, resists arrest, yet is still alive

  1. We have a serious race problem in America that could be rectified by turning down the dial on our widespread militancy.
    But we aren’t the only ones in this predicament.

    Israel has 35,000 immigrants from Eritrea and Sudan, people of color, who extremist Zionists on the Right in Israel want kicked out of the country.
    These uninvited guests began entering Israel in 2005 and have been placed into camps and prisons, stuffed into ghettos, and threatened with deportation over the years.
    Israel built a “big, beautiful wall” in 2012 to stop all migration from Africa. (You just knew that somebody other then Trump came up with the idea of building a wall to keep people of color out before he did.)

    Yesterday morning, 3 days after the Israelis murdered 18 Palestinian’s and wounded 1000 others, Netanyahu announced to the world that he had reached a deal with the UN to immediately ship 16,500 Eritreans and Sudanese to Europe.
    The remaining immigrants would be granted temporary status in Israel.
    They would be disposed of in three phases, over five years.

    The Zionist extremists on the Right would have none of it because they wanted all of these interlopers gone from the country in one fell swoop.

    So Netanyahu backed down and called the whole deal off.

    Racists are racists no matter where they reside.

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