Rosenstein expanded Mueller’s power less than two weeks after Trump drew ‘red line’ On Finances

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Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein gave special counsel Robert Mueller the authority to expand his investigation less than two weeks after President Donald Trump said that probing his finances would be a “red line.” In July 2017 interview with The New York Times, Trump was asked if an investigation into his personal and company finances would…

One thought on “Rosenstein expanded Mueller’s power less than two weeks after Trump drew ‘red line’ On Finances

  1. Trump wanted to limit Mueller’s investigation. He did not want his personal finances investigated.
    Republicans wanted Mueller to investigate nothing.
    Neo-liberal Democrats wanted the investigation to focus only on Russia’s involvement in the election.

    Mueller gave everybody the middle finger by investigating everything and everybody. Thankfully.

    Because we learned that Fascist American oligarchs, like the Mercer’s and the Koch’s, gave foreign companies like Cambridge Analytica millions of dollars to distort our vote by using sophisticated psychological propaganda messaging.

    We learned that Facebook and other monopolistic information gathering platforms sold their users profiles like one would sell sheep or soybeans to the highest bidder for a profit.

    We learned that millions of illegal campaign dollars flowed in from overseas to both presidential candidates.

    We learned that gerrymandering has stripped Americans of their Constitutional Right to political representation.

    We learned that Fascist media giants like Sinclair Broadcasting Group used the public airways to spread lies and disinformation at the behest of one particular presidential candidate.

    And we will learn more.

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