Syria ‘chemical attack’: what we know

Chemical Weapon Attacks in Syria Show No Signs of Letting Up

An alleged chemical attack in Syria’s rebel-held Douma has sparked international outrage, with Washington warning Sunday of possible military action, while Damascus and Moscow said the reports were mere “fabrications”. – What happened?

Trump will no doubt order an airstrike, which will make Fox & Friends happy, but it won’t really solve the problem. Trump ignored Russia’s buildup of Assad for the past year, and a one-off display of fireworks isn’t going to help.

2 thoughts on “Syria ‘chemical attack’: what we know

  1. It would be exceedingly difficult to totally fabricate such reports from so many, varied sources. Something happened, and someone is responsible. But how stupid and self-destructive would Assad have to be to perpetrate such a horrendous, universally loathed attack the very week Trump says he wants to pull out of Syria (whatever that means) and the week before John Bolton takes over as Trump’s NSA?

    Who benefits from wiping Trump’s tweet about withdrawing completely off the table?

  2. Israel’s international criminal behavior is completely out of control.

    >March 30—Israel kills 20 and wounds 1500 Palestinian protesters in Gaza.

    >April 6——-Israel kills 9 and wounds 450 Palestinian protesters, 5 of them journalists, in Gaza.

    >April 7——-Somebody sponsored a gas attack in Douma, Syria. Or not depending on who you talk to.

    >April 8——-Israeli aircraft fire Hellfire missiles at a Syrian military airbase killing Syrian, Russian and Iranian troops.

    **** On April 2nd, Trump announced that all US troops “will be leaving Syria very soon.”

    Every country on the planet except for Israel and Saudi Arabia wants the United States to remove its troops from Syria. (And other places.)

    In whose interest was it to gas a bunch of people on April 7, in Syria?
    The US military who doesn’t want to leave any country in the Middle East “very soon?”
    Mine is the same question that Adams asked.

    Netanyahu is a criminal being kept in power by extremist, Zionist, warmongers.

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